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Auraki Mai | Cultural Consultant and Education

Tāniko Ngā Roimata o Tōroa - Tāniko Te Rima Collection

Tāniko Ngā Roimata o Tōroa - Tāniko Te Rima Collection

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Printable Digital Art: Tāniko Ngā Roimata o Tōroa: is one piece of the five piece Tāniko Te Rima Collection. [Printable Art]

This collection demonstrates the tāniko design over a splash of vibrant colours to bring your corner of your world to life. Traditional, yet modern. 

Whakamāramatanga | Meaning

Ngā Roimata o Tōroa - the tears of the albatross traces back to the arrival of kūmara (sweet potato) to Aotearoa New Zealand by the two albatross birds of Pourangahua. The blue represents the moana (sea) from which Pourangahua traveled across to bring the kūmara. The red tears represents the whakapapa (genealogical) links to the homelands of the Tōroa, back to Hawaiki.    


  • 40 inches × 60 inches
  • Frame not included

[Please note this is a mock-up image only]

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