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Auraki Mai | Cultural Consultant and Education

Tāniko Niho Taniwhā - Tāniko Te Rima Collection

Tāniko Niho Taniwhā - Tāniko Te Rima Collection

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Printable Digital Art: Tāniko Niho Taniwhā: is one piece of the five piece Tāniko Te Rima Collection. [Printable Art]

This collection demonstrates the tāniko design over a splash of vibrant colours to bring your corner of your world to life. Traditional, yet modern. 

Whakamāramatanga | Meaning

The Niho Taniwhā, the teeth of the taniwhā symbolises strength of a leader and stability.


  • 40 inches × 60 inches
  • Frame not included

[Please note this is a mock-up image only]

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